You don’t have to worry about getting lost in the design forrest. The right guide can help you take sure steps on your design path.

I believe people should feel sure about their logo. I believe that a confident business owner is a successful one. Their sure footing helps to solidify their success.

Finding the right person to help you can be tricky. Hiring the wrong person can make you feel lost and frustrated. You can’t afford to lose the time or the money on the wrong guide.

You can feel confident in your brand. All you need is the right designer to show you the way. I’m Clint, your guide to great design. My goal is that you’re excited to show people your logo and, that you’re proud to hand someone your business card.

Working with me takes away the stress of wondering if the job will get done right the first time. You get the peace of mind of knowing that your project will work and look great. It only takes about a minute to fill out your creative brief.

Tell me about your project



I help overworked Creative Directors and Small Business Owners who think big.

They trust me with their design projects so they can get back to serving their customers and clients wellThat work usually involves helping them with idea generation, branding, and even designing logos from the ground up.


Short list of clients:

The Last Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America
The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma
Sooner Alcohol Narcotics Education
Birth Choice of Oklahoma, Inc.
Arts Council of Oklahoma City
Fit Like Flint Fitness Apparel
The Underground Coffee
BDF Comedy Productions
Robot House Creative
Holy Cow Creative
Eastpoint Church
DrinkMe Creative
B. Heard Music
Skyline Media
Candor PR



Ten quick facts about Clint:

  1. Yes, the last name is Native American, I’m a Cherokee.
  2. On average, I read one non-fiction book per month.
  3. I love Legos… way too much for a man of my age.
  4. I can’t seem to shut up about starting, growing, and running a small business.
  5. Batman. Every time and always.
  6. Almost all food benefits when paired with bacon. I said almost.
  7. Personal Accountability, Boundaries, and living Debt Free are some of my favorite topics.
  8. Movie popcorn, life’s too short for anything less.
  9. I swim for exercise… because of all the bacon and movie popcorn.
  10. I own an Indiana Jones hat. Yes, I look stupid wearing it.

Bonus fact: I play my ebony ES-335 through a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket without the use of ANY effects pedals, on purpose.


Design you can lean on.™