Pricing Design Clients

Pricing Design Clients

Full Disclosure: This entire post is about my pal Jason Blumer and his firm. I’m writing this just to get even more amazing information out of him to help my little business work better.


That aside, Jason has some incredible insights into the process of choosing the right people to work with. The design process in an intimate one, in that, you have to work closely with your clients over time.  

Here’s the big idea I wanna share: Make sure you have a process in place that filters out the people who are the wrong fit for your business. The folks that make it through your filter that have the greatest chance of making you fall in love with your work all over again.  

Design requires love. Design void of love is easy to spot. It’s inauthentic, ineffective, and in the way. It’s always trying a bit too hard to get your attention. Then, there’s the design that gets completely ignored. Great design has a “visual quality” that’s easy to spot in a crowd.


So, where does that “visual quality” come from. It comes from designers who give a damn. It comes from clients who care about the way their serve their customers. It comes from designers who can translate their clients passion for what they do into visuals that compel their customers to act.


I’m getting a little off subject here so let me get back on track. Jason, I’m a believer in what he does to help designers succeed. If you want to succeed in this business do what I did and go buy his eBook and read it. It’s cheap and it will shift the way you do business in a positive way.


If you’re not into reading he also does a highly informative podcast. Go check it out.

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