No one needs a TICK

WARNING: If you love using credit cards please don’t read the rest of this post. 



Yes, it’s a rant. Yes, I’m happy you think I’m wrong. Yes, we can still be friends.


Debt is acid that eats your wealth. -Dave Ramsey


What’s in YOUR wallet? Sulfuric acid apparently. Because credit cards help you to bleed money. 

Bleeding money is stupid, especially when you don’t have/earn much of it.

Folks that use credit cards want to feel wealthy. They like the feeling of having available money to do whatever they want with no consequences. Yeah, that’s a good feeling. That feeling will last, until the bill comes. Then you’ll feel stressed and poor again. You’ll feel locked to a job you probably hate (because you are) and the worst part is, you did it to yourself.


Feeling wealthy is great, but freedom from debt…feels worlds better.

Don’t DISCOVER the heavy chains of financial slavery. Don’t accept a card for a MASTER. No, life does not take VISA, it sucks away the very freedom that makes you feel alive.

A credit card is a tick. No one needs a tick. Don’t let ticks suck your blood, no matter how many airline miles, Disney Vacations or free hats they offer you.

Track what you spend and where you spend it. Paper and pencils and Google spreadsheets are free. But they only work if you use them. You have the maturity to use them. But you must prove you have it every day. Will you choose to be mature? Or will you choose to be a lazy child?

Your behaviors (not your income) will either make you wealthy or leave you broke.

Shhh, listen. Hear that. I can hear you whining and making excuses. Can you hear it? That sound, like someone slowly letting air out of a balloon. That’s what you sound like in real life when you defend the marketing efforts of giant banks that treat you like you’re stupid.

I don’t think you’re stupid. I think you’re trapped.

Did you know that money problems have nothing to do with money. Money problems are behavior problems.

What you DO matters. I want you to DO great and wonderful things. I want you to have the means to do a bunch of great and wonderful things. The wise use of money brings scale to good deeds. Money helps to give you the means to work miracles. 

You CAN make the world a better place. It starts with your behaviors.

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