Make Good Design Choices

How to Make Good Design Choices At some point in your career, you might ask: Who is my client? Imagine you’re out hunting in a misty forrest early one morning. It’s still dark outside, the air is crisp an cool. You’re gently treading your way along deep horse tracks. You’ve been up for hours and […]

No one needs a TICK

WARNING: If you love using credit cards please don’t read the rest of this post.      Yes, it’s a rant. Yes, I’m happy you think I’m wrong. Yes, we can still be friends.   Debt is acid that eats your wealth. -Dave Ramsey   What’s in YOUR wallet? Sulfuric acid apparently. Because credit cards […]

Questions from: The Richest Man In Babylon – George S. Clason

Questions from: The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason First, a history lesson: George Samuel Clason was an American author who is most associated with his book The Richest Man in Babylon (first published in 1926). George was born in Louisiana, Missouri. He attended the University of Nebraska and served in the United States […]

Clint’s Notes: How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

— Clint’s Notes — How to Think Like an Entrepreneur by Philip Delves Broughton     Caution: This on gets a little…ranty. “Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial incubator programs, says the underlying reason most startups fail is that they become demoralized.” Hearing the word “No” tends to take […]

How to Keep Your Perceptions In Check

How to Keep Your Perceptions In Check   Your perception does not shape your reality. It simply colors reality to suit your desires, goals, and feelings.   Okay, I can tell you think I’m nuts…again. So, here’s some proof: Have you ever felt you were correct but discovered you weren’t? Have you ever discovered you […]

How to Expand Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Your Life Even More

How to Expand Your Comfort Zone and Enjoy Your Life Even More   I recently did this exercise after reading the book How To Stay Sane by Philippa Perry. This, like any other exercise, only helps/works if you do it. So, do it and prove me wrong. Or, go through the exercise and stop caring about proving people […]

Lessons From An Angry Millionaire

Lessons From An Angry Millionaire Wow! Do I have a weird story for you today! On Wednesday, I got a random call during the afternoon that’s usually from a telemarketer. I answer my phone and an older gentlemen begins talking. He tells me he has some documents he wants to add some clipart to. All without […]

A New Kind of Business Plan

Clint Walkingstick’s A New Kind of Business Plan I’ve heard it said that being an entrepreneur is like jumping off a cliff and then starting to build a 747, hoping to have it complete and pull up before you suddenly stop at the bottom of the mountain. But, being an entrepreneur can work. In the […]

Answered: Yes, The Slow Carb Diet actually works…for me.

Answered: Yes, The Slow Carb Diet actually works…for me. Or, How I lost 28 pounds using the Slow Carb Diet.   This photo is of me on the board walk in New Jersey back in college. I used it as my “motivation photo.” My goals were to weigh 175 pounds because then (I told myself) I […]

If the idea won’t work on paper, the idea won’t work. Keep sketching.

If the idea won’t work on paper, the idea won’t work. Keep sketching. I believe in this so much that I manufactured my own sketchbooks! I suffer from having too many ideas. The easiest and fastest way I can tell if they’re worth anything is to put pencil to paper. Everything can benefit from being […]

Be brave enough to be awful at something first

Where are all the awful attempts? I see a bunch of lettering masterworks on Instagram that look fluid and amazing but you never see the 900 attempts that were made before that one 30 sec post. So here I am sucking at drawing some letters with a pencil in my sketchbook. Be brave enough to […]

Make it, even if no one cares

 I recently gave myself a little design challenge: Use the, and I’m using the term very loosely here, “aesthetic” of the Westboro Church to make signs with positive messages. Sadly, my versions of their awful posters would not get the same attention as their negative counterparts generate. But here’s the twist, I made them anyway. Even […]

I have something to tell you.

I was recently interviewed. You can read it here. Interviews have always left me flat. Everything feels very surface level and there’s never any solid advice. After the whole thing was finished I felt I still had more information to give. I decided to change that by telling the world how I actually get things done from day to day. Take […]

How To Get The Best Work From Me

Thank you for choosing Walkingstick Design for your current project. I understand that working with a business like mine may spark a few questions. I want to answer some of them to help you feel more secure in your decision to work with me. My goal as your designer is to get a larger audience […]

My Blog Comments Policy

  As you know, interacting online is all about the conversation. Without a few simple ground rules, that conversation can turn into a shouting match. That discourages others from joining in our talks. I want this blog to be about inclusion, a place where all can feel comfortable about sharing their thoughts. My goal is […]