Have you met Clint?

I’m Clint, and I want to clear the air.

I’m more interested in selling your product than I am in making my portfolio look cool. Let’s schedule a time to sit and talk about your goals over coffee and a waffle.

I’m available weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. clint@walkingstickdesign.com | 405 627 1193


I’ve been branding businesses, events, and Non-Profits since 2003. If you’re looking for solid branding and clear results, you’ve found the right brand partner. Here’s a few of my brand values:

  • I’m a brand partner that co-creates solutions with my clients.
  • I love to find people who are doing amazing things and get more people to notice what they’re doing.
  • My clients love my risky ideas. Because it’s not risky if it works. After all, risky becomes genius when our weird ideas work.
  • Weird ideals welcome. If your weird idea works, it wins.

I’ve been interviewed a few times:



Ten quick facts about Clint:

  1. Yes, the last name is Native American, I’m a Cherokee.
  2. On average, I read one non-fiction book per month.
  3. I love Legos… way too much for a man of my age.
  4. I can’t seem to shut up about starting, growing, and running a small business.
  5. Batman. Every time and always.
  6. Almost all food benefits when paired with bacon. I said almost.
  7. Personal Accountability, Boundaries, and living Debt Free are some of my favorite topics.
  8. Movie popcorn, life’s too short for anything less.
  9. I swim for exercise… because of all the bacon and movie popcorn.
  10. I own an Indiana Jones hat. Yes, I look stupid wearing it.

Bonus fact: I play my ebony ES-335 through a Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket without the use of ANY effects pedals, on purpose.


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