Answered: How Do I Get Clients?

How do I get clients?

This can be a misleading question. It assumes you’ve already identified a few things about yourself and your work. It also assumes that you’ve made repeated attempts at asking for the work.

If you know how what you do helps, you can more easily talk to others about how it will help them reach their goals.

Answer these questions before you ask “How Do I Get Clients:”

  • What kind of work do you love doing?
  • What kind of work do you catch yourself doing while you procrastinate on the work you’re “supposed” to be doing?
  • Do you have any examples of the work you love doing? Chances are you do because you naturally turn back to it when faced with doing work you don’t enjoy.
  • Why do you love doing this kind of work? Give yourself 120 seconds to think about why this kind of work feels right to you and then write it down.
  • How does this kind of work add value? How could it bring someone closer to their goals? Does it save them money? Does it save them time? What sort of frustration does it help them avoid?
  • Who currently uses this kind of work? Make a specific list of people you know.
  • Who could benefit from this kind of work? Make another specific list of people you know.
  • Have you told all the people on both of those lists that you do this kind of work?

Chances are you haven’t. The people on your list are the BEST place to start. If they can’t be helped by what you do, be bold. Ask if they know someone who can and if they’d be down with sharing that information with you.

If they are, you have a whole new list of real people you can legitimately contact. The only one who’ll feel weird about it is you and you MUST bust through that feeling.

Pro’s aren’t afraid of talking about what they do and how it helps others.

Take another look at your lists of people. Do you see any patterns like common industries or job titles? Where do people from those industries go? What do they read? What industry groups are they a part of?

A little internet research will help you find the answers. Researching these questions will help you find new areas for you to explore. Go help somebody!

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