A Declaration of Value

A Declaration of Value: Walkingstick Design Company

At Walkingstick Design, we begin each new assignment and client relationship with a talk. We chat about the value of the results you can expect from our work. Then, we talk about the work involved to achieve those results.

We don’t keep time sheets because we don’t sell time. Our service is priced based on the the value we provide rather than the number of hours we work. Instead of estimates, we price our works’ value based on the results you wish to achieve.

We don’t have a “standard rate card.” Instead, we invoice according to the desired results of our partner-clients. Our clients want to experience the results we outline together. In turn, they invest in achieving their stated results by use of our strategic thinking and guidance.

We pour our special blend of creativity and craftsmanship onto our partner-clients marketing problems. Using that same thinking we build equitable pricing and compensation arrangements that mutually benefit both our clients and our firm.

We believe the true nature of a partnership is one that shares both risks and rewards. That’s why the Walkingstick Design Company chooses its clients carefully.

We like to have skin in the game. It would be wrong of us to ask out clients to take risks we’re unwilling to take. In that same spirit, our clients believe that sharing the rewards we help them to achieve adds to the nobility of their enterprise and helps to further solidify our partnership. Our partner-clients understand that lowering the price of our service requires us to remove value from the results they want to experience.

We want you to know what it feels like to achieve the goals we set together. Getting there starts with our ability to align our values with those of our yours.

If you’re ready to invest in your business and know what it feels like to achieve the goals you set, Click here.

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